What we do

Multicultural Affairs・International Exchange (International Community Bureau)

The number of foreign residents living in Sapporo, a city of 2 million people, has been increasing rapidly since it exceeded 10,000 in 2016.
By providing support to foreign residents in their daily lives, fostering human resources to promote multicultural city planning, collaborating with other people in charge, and providing information in multiple languages, we work to promote a multicultural city where people of different nationalities, ethnicities, and languages can live together, accepting each other's cultural differences.
In addition, through international exchange and cooperation with sister cities and other organizations, we will develop human resources that play an active role on the international stage, deepen understanding and friendship with countries around the world, and further Sapporo as an international city.

Livelihood Support for Foreign Residents

We make various efforts to promote multiculturalism so that everyone can live in Sapporo City with peace of mind while respecting differences in language and culture.

  • Operation of SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents and Consultation with Specialists
  • Sapporo Community Interpreters
  • Japanese Language Education and Children's Education Support
  • Maternal and Child Health and Child Support
  • Promotion of Access to Medical Care
  • Operation of M-Square (former Communication Salon)
  • Organizing exchange programs in the community and training foreign citizen partners
  • Disaster countermeasures and disaster awareness
  • Providing and disseminating information in multiple languages
Photo Caption: Medical Interpretation Seminar

International human resource development

We introduce situations and cultures of countries and regions around the world, and provide opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and international exchange.
We develop human resources with an international perspective for multicultural coexistence and the creation of a city that is open to the world.

  • Children's Multicultural Education Program
  • Dispatch of Sapporo City CIRs (people with foreign backgrounds) to schools, etc.
  • Internships and other work experience
  • International Exchange Forum for Sapporo Area Universities
  • Networking and training of multicultural and international exchange groups in the city
  • Seminars to introduce cultures of various countries
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Citizen Volunteer Activities

Volunteers support the development of multiculturalism and the international city of Sapporo.
A variety of citizen volunteers play an active role in multiculturalism and international exchange.

  • Foreign Language Volunteers
  • Homestay Volunteers
  • Japanese Culture Volunteers
  • Sapporo Community Interpreters
  • Sapporo International Citizen Partners
  • Sapporo Assistance for Foreigners in Emergencies
Japanese cultural experience for visitors to an international sporting event

International Exchange and Cooperation

We promote exchange programs with foreign countries, including citizen exchanges with five sister and friendship cities in cooperation with members of the Sapporo Sister Cities Association.
We also collaborate with JICA and NGOs to inform citizens of the current state of international cooperation, which is not limited to support for developing countries.

  • Management of the Sapporo Sister Cities Association
  • Youth exchange (Portland) and various other international exchange programs
  • Collaborative projects with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and NGOs.
Exchange with high school students from our sister city, Portland

Multicultural Affairs・International Exchange

SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents

Foreign residents who live in Sapporo are welcome to come consult about problems that they have encountered in their lives in Japan. Advice and support will be provided so that the consultee can be better prepared to solve problems by themselves.
SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents is operated by Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (SICPF), entrusted by Sapporo City.

SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents

SAPPORO HELP DESK for Foreign Residents

Sapporo International Student Center

The Sapporo International Student Center, opened in 2000, is a dormitory for international students owned by the city of Sapporo.
The Sapporo International Plaza operates this facility as a designated administrator, supporting international students so that they can live comfortably and safely in Sapporo.

Sapporo International Student Center

Convention Bureau

The Convention Bureau plays a central role in promoting business events and MICE* in Sapporo.
The Convention Bureau provides one-stop services to support the holding of conferences and corporate incentive tours, as well as promotional activities in Japan and overseas.
The Convention Bureau also provides a wide range of services to promote people-to-people exchanges, academic and business exchanges, revitalization of local industries, and enhancement of the brand power of the international city of Sapporo through MICE.

MICE Stands for

  • Meeting

  • Incentive Travel

  • Convention

  • Event/Exhibition

Attraction and promotion

Promote the environment and urban attractiveness of Sapporo as a MICE host city to attract business events.

  • Planning and consulting for attracting MICE
  • Introduction of facilities and support for inspection tours
  • Participation in domestic and international trade shows specializing in MICE
  • Subsidy system to promote MICE attraction

Event Support

We support international and domestic conventions and corporate events by utilizing our regional network.

Meetings and Conferences

  • Promotion and public relations support
  • Support for holding events by citizen volunteers, etc.

Incentives, corporate events

  • Development and proposal of activity programs
  • Coordination of model courses and venues
  • Provision of welcome programs, etc.

Cooperation with Related Organizations and Stakeholders

We build networks with local stakeholders and domestic and international MICE-related organizations to strengthen the foundation for acceptance.

Convention Bureau