About Us

Fundamental Concept

Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (SICPF) has been instrumental in making Sapporo a successful international city under the "3C" principle.

Fundamental Concept

Communication - Convention - Citizen

Working under the "3C" principle of communication, convention and citizen, SICPF has the support and participation of local people and institutions.

SICPF Vision & Mission

【Our Vision】
To make Sapporo an international city that is kind to every person and overflows with its charms  and energy.
【Our Mission】
  • Ⅰ To become a hub where various people, culture, and information collects, connects, and spreads.
  • Ⅱ To produce international exchanges which involve Sapporo residents.
  • Ⅲ To promote through MICE individual exchanges and revitalization of regional economies.

History etc.


Taking particular advantage of historical, cultural and other characteristics unique to Sapporo, the Plaza strives to promote multiculturalism and exchanges in various fields, and contribute to the development of the region and world peace.

Major Activities

Promoting international exchange and cooperation in various fields
Promoting multiculturalism and cross cultural understandings in city planning
Fostering the development of human resources needed to successfully carry out international exchanges
Conveying to the world the attractiveness of Sapporo as an international city
Engaging in other efforts beyond those mentioned above, when considered necessary to attain the Plaza's objectives


Jun.17 1987 Volunteer Working Committee for the Sapporo International Communication Plaza (SICP) is formed.
Jun.23 1987 SICP opens on the third floor of the MN Building, North 1, West 3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo.
Sep.1 1989 Lilac Paseo International Information Corner opens at JR Sapporo Station.
Jan.23 1990 SICP certified as an international exchange association by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Jul.27 1990 SICP begins managing the Sapporo Guest House on behalf of the City of Sapporo.
Jul.31 1991 SICP granted foundation status by the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau and the Hokkaido Government. Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation (SICPF) established.
Feb.1 1992 SICPF opens Plaza on the first floor of the MN Building.
Apr.14 1996 SICPF accepted as a regular member of the World Trade Center Association (WTCA).
Oct. 1 1996 World Trade Center Sapporo (WTC Sapporo) established.
Apr. 1 2002 The International Information Corner moves to Sapporo Stellar Place, and is designated as a "Tourist Information Corner" by the Japan National Tourist Organization.
Apr. 1 2003 Sapporo Film Commission established.
Jun .1 2003 Sapporo Convention Center opens, with its operations contracted to SICPF.
Jan. 28 2005 Withdrawal from the World Trade Center Association (WTCA)
Mar. 31 2005 WTC Sapporo operations are concluded.
Apr.1 2005 Plaza moves to the third floor of the MN Building and is integrated with the Exchange Salon. The International Information Corner becomes the Visitors Information Center.
Mar.31 2006 Sapporo Convention Center management operations are concluded.
Apr.1 2006 SICPF becomes the designated administrative organization for Sapporo Guest House.
Jan. 2007 Visitors Information Center closed
Mar. 31 2008 Sapporo Guest House closed.
Mar. 31 2010 Sapporo Film Commission operations are transferred to a newly established organization.