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【Do you know your Evacuation Information?】


【Do you know your Evacuation Information?】
Here is some information that you should know in preparation for disasters that may occur at any time.
The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and the city of Sapporo issue information on evacuation when there is heavy rain that may cause floods or landslides.

【Alert Level 1】There is a possibility of heavy rainfall.
【Alert Level 2】Possibility of heavy rainfall. Watch for weather warnings.
【Alert Level 3】[Early evacuation of elderly and disabled residents]
Evacuate those who need time to relocate, such as elderly and disabled residents, or residents with children.
【Alert Level 4】[Evacuation Order (Emergency)]
Evacuate immediately.
Protect yourself by going to a shelter, going to a higher part of the building, etc.
【Alert Level 5】 [Disaster Occurrence]
Flooding and/or landslides have occurred. Take action immediately to protect your life.
If you are in a safe place, you do not need to go to an evacuation center.
Use hazard maps, the Sapporo Disaster Prevention Portal, and the Sapporo City Disaster Prevention App "Sonae" to check if you need to evacuate.
◆You can find detailed information about disasters on the Sapporo Disaster Prevention Portal. (11 languages, automatic translation)
◆Sapporo City Disaster Prevention App "Sonae": check the location of evacuation centers. (Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)

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