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Evacuation Information in case of Heavy Rain, Floods


Here are some things you should know to be prepared for disaster, which can occur at any time, without warning.
In the event that there is a chance of flooding or landslides during heavy rain, Sapporo City will continue to issue evacuation information in three stages.
In addition, Sapporo City is preparing to introduce the concurrent use of a simple five-level alert system, which will allow residents to quickly grasp the response and evacuation instructions at a glance.
【Alert Level 1】
Possibility of heavy rainfall
Watch for weather warnings
*Issued by Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)
【Alert Level 2】
Heavy rain, flood warning
 Reconfirm evacuation area and route.
        *Issued by JMA
【Alert Level 3】
●[Prepare to evacuate / early evacuation of elderly and disabled residents]
Evacuate those who need time to relocate, such as elderly and disabled residents, or residents with children.
All others prepare to evacuate.
*Issued by municipality
【Alert Level 4】
●[Evacuation Advisory] Possibility of flood or landslides very high
●[Evacuation Order (Emergency evacuation order)] Evacuate immediately
All those in an area affected by the advisory or order, evacuate!
If you do not have enough time to evacuate to a designated evacuation center, take action immediately to protect your life, such as moving to upper levels of a building.
                             *Issued by municipality
*There may be cases where an [Evacuation Order (Emergency Evacuation Order)] is not issued. Please evacuate as soon as an [Evacuation Advisory] is issued.
【Alert Level 5】[Disaster occurrence]
Flooding and/or landslides have occurred. Take action immediately to protect your life.
                             *Issued by municipality


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