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Living in Sapporo

Full-time and part-time jobs

In terms of wage and work hours, workers in Japan enjoy legal protections against discrimination based on nationality or religion. Foreigners working in Japan are entitled to the same legal rights as Japanese workers. It is important for foreigners to educate themselves about Japanese labor laws and systems.

To work in Japan, you must have a residence status that allows you to work. Your job must be one that is permitted under that status.

To seek employment, you are free to visit the national Public Employment Security Office ("Hello Work") free of charge, or to use private job placement enterprises licensed as such by the Minister of Labor.

Hello Work
※See Consultation→Other Consultation Counters page for more details on job search.
Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
Message Board in the Communication Salon

Message board in the salon at the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
Job openings for teachers at language schools are posted on this bulletin board.

Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation International Community Bureau Website
(Japanese/ English)

Other job information sites

  • *The largest website on living in Japan as a foreigner, including employment information.
Hokkaido Insider
  • *Website on jobs for native English speakers in Hokkaido, Japan. The job service is subscription fee-based.

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